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Who we are

The Italian association (AIC) was founded in 1979 by a group of parents, doctors and health workers, who got together for different reasons to confront the first diagnosis of celiac disease.

The Lombardia non-profit organization complied with the Italian Celiac Federation, nationally there are 20 Regional Associations that carry out AIC programs and projects.

The objectives and outcome of AIC are:

  • to give assistance to people and their families who are diagnosed with celiac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis by carrying out special information services to instruct and educate them.
  • to sensitize the political structure and health administration in order to improve their assistance.
  • to promote any kind of institution having programs similar to ours with a national and international scientific society, involving issues of celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis.
  • to support the sponsorship and the development of scientific research on celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis from public and private foundations.
  • Spreading public opinion about celiac issues concerning food needs.
  • contribute information and instruction to people in the health care profession and paramedics about the possible diagnosis and therapeutics.
  • spreading information and the knowledge of food without gluten to food
  • distributers and the food sector especially in schools.


The AIC is oriented to “the best quality of life”

  • Develop an education food program for celiacs and their families
  • Improve the nutritional quality of products without gluten
  • reduction in prices in dietary products without gluten
  • implement the choice of suitable food within the big distributors
  • giving information to food distributers (school, work cafeterias, hospitals, catering and restaurants) and to guarantee the food is without gluten.
  • Develop a public and local network of proposed meals / frozen food/ fresh products suitable for celiacs.
  • Spreading information and knowledge to celiacs in every school.

The main activities of AIC non-profit organization are:

  • EATING OUT: AIC Lombardia Onlus gives information of local and homemade places without gluten
  • NUTRITIONISTS HOTLINE: telephone to receive advice of a diet without gluten
  • AVOIDING GLUTEN: spreading information to pre-schools and primary schools, educating teachers and non-teachers, classmates and their families about students who are celiac. To favor the best insertion to kids and to create a solid environment and acceptance of something different.
  • CULINARY SCHOOLS: programs for professionals of the future, chefs, assistant chefs, workers in restaurants, delivering an experience without gluten.


Other activities AIC Lombardia proposes:

  • playful educated tools addressed to parents, grandparents and educators in order to confront the topic of celiac disease in younger children. The Fable “the old Igea and friends from the the woods” and “the story of Nova Celi” introduce the topic and suggest how to work together.
  • organization of events, group activities such as cooking classes, lunches, shows for children and sport activities.
  • participation at public exhibitions and sport exhibitions through information booths with or without refreshments without gluten.
  • updated list online approved by the health services of Lombardia of places to buy products without gluten
  • Internet site, Facebook and Newsletters updating new information of suitable food and of restaurants without glutine, and giving news about activities.

Become a member!

Members receive:

  • Food handbook to help with every day shopping
  • A guidebook of eating well without gluten with a lot of advice on a celiac diet
  • Celiac News The House Organ is issued every 3 months by the AIC Federation
  • A guide book of food without gluten to help while traveling or eating out with reviews of places to eat in Italy ( hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, ice cream, B&B, homemade speciality food , etc.) in order to inform you about places without gluten
  • Newsletter for members so you are always informed about activities and AIC Lombardia projects and what is new about the subject of celiac

How to sign up:

Annual membership fee is 40,00 and can be paid either by:

  • Bonifico Bancario:
    Banca Popolare di Milano – Agenzia 500
    IBAN IT84Y0558401700000000043436
  • Conto Corrente Postale:
    n. 2062485 – intestato AIC LOMBARDIA ONLUS
    Viale Bodio, 28 – 20158 Milano


AIC Lombardia Onlus
Viale Bodio, 28 – 20158 Milano
Phone 02. 867820 – Fax 02. 35949325

Int. 1 – from 9.30 to 12.30

Membership secretary:
Int. 2 – from 9.30 to 12.30

Online nutritionist:
Int. 3 – Tuesday to Thursday from 09.30 to 12.30

Secretary for eating out:
Int. 3 – Tuesday to Thursday from 09.30 to 12.30

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